Tough Times

Welcome to the new!  

All this time home due to Covid-19 has allowed me to revive my defunct blog, which unfortunately is lost, and all the great travel content with it that took me hours and hours to compile [if I wasn't not touching my face, palm to forehead here, instead, dramatic sigh].  Making the lemonade from the lemons.  This blog will feature food, travel, writing, jewelry from my adventures.  And adventures we will have, although not right now.  

Right now we are staying at home, Hubbs, Max (the Bichon) and I, doing our part to keep you safe.

But What's In It For You?  
(I know, I know already...)

For this post it is a few essential for my sanity, not life, most are related to restoring my poor hands.  These are products that are awesome anytime you need some really moisturizing products for your skin!  And the oil based ones give you a nice little shine on your skin too.  So even if you can't get them now... get them later, especially the ODE products, which I found out in San Francisco at the Ferry Market Building years ago and are a small family business. 

And then the Crabtree and Evelyn, which of course you can likely still get... but note they have repackaged and re-branded so it looks a little different. 

If you can't get these??? 

Quick fix- do you have Vitamin E Oil or Rose Hip Oil???  If so, add a fair amount to your moisturizer, or just put that directly on your hands at night.  This is a great way to amp up any cheap moisturizer at any time!

  No Vitamin E Oil or Rose Hip Oil?  What kind of monster are you?  
I jest... mix some essential oil with some olive oil.


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